Being healthier is not only about how you look, but how you feel and encompasses a healthy life style, including physically, mentally, socially, emotionally and spiritually.


I’ve chosen the following wellness products because I have seen and felt first-hand how they have improved my own health. From the time I was a little girl, I always had “stomach issues”. I’ve tried pre-and probiotics over the years but I never had the results I was looking for.

Monat Balance is easy to take and worked within the first couple of days. As with most things, consistency is key. I love that it’s a capsule-in-a-capsule  formula and I don’t need a separate prebiotic from the probiotic. Taken once a day on an empty stomach and you’re good to ‘go’.


Monat’s Collagen Key We begin to lose collagen beginning in our mid twenties. As you can imagine, the older we get the more we lose. But did you know, you can take collagen to help replace what you have lost? Again, consistency is so important. Collagen Key works differently than other collagens because it vegan. Most collagens are made from animal byproducts which means that needs to break down before it can help start building new collagen.  Collagen Key is made with an amino acid blend utilized by the body to maintain existing collagen levels as well as replace lost collagen. We need collagen to help support the appearance of healthy hair, skin and nails as well as support skin moisture, elasticity, and smoothness. Plus, I love that taking Collagen Key helps with drinking more water and staying hydrated, and it tastes good.

Immune Support is the newest Monat Wellness product. Ever hear that expression, “I never knew I needed it, until I knew I needed it”? Immune Support is a capsule you take once a day with food. It’s powered by vitamins(B-blend, C & D), minerals(zinc, iron & selenium)and herbal adaptogens(5 mushroom blend), as well as herbal extracts including echinacea and ginseng. I love that it not only supports immune function, but I feel more energetic without feeling ‘wired’.

Being Well is Necessary in achieving vitality…

Keeping up with your health is essential part of life’s vitality. We need to maintain the nescessary and natural nutrients in our bodies to feel well. “A healthy outside starts on the inside”~Robert Urich 

Hair Health Vitality customizes your health regimen for you...

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