Mission and Vision

My Mission


My mission with Hair Health Vitality is to inspire you to feel good, look good, and radiate confidence while living the life you’ve always imagined. You should know what’s in the products you use, the food you eat, and the things you drink.

When you incorporate healthier products into your daily routine, you’ll have a better chance of preventing stress, disease, and many reoccurring issues. Odds are you’ll sleep better and revive all the qualities you were born with. I want you, my audience to learn how to pioneer your body’s magnificent ups and downs and be in control of them.

Being a part of Monat means “Building A Beautiful Life”

My Vision

My vision is to inspire women to make themselves a priority. To witness women radiating well-being that they themselves see and feel from routinely using these products. To celebrate confidence that blooms from being part of something that is more than “just shampoo”. Like a Sunflower leans toward the sun for it’s vitality in daily life in nature, we too need what nature intended us to have.


Together with Monat and my teachings I envision a movement that continues to encourage women to live their best lives, surround themselves with positivity, a supportive empowering community, and to give back to the causes they care most deeply about.

Hair Health Vitality customizes your health regimen for you...

Reach out any time. I'd love to answer any questions you may have - Candice