Podcast Line Up

Let our passions inspire you. Come listen to find your pupose and unlock the possibilities!

Monday, MAY 8TH

Ep #50 –  Kyle Stanger – Boys Get Sad Too: Making Social Impact



Ep #51 – Kandas Rodarte – What Does Coffee, Connections & Colanders Have To Do With Gratitude?


Ep #52 – Kim Curtis – Wealth Consciousness: How Money Is Looking For You

Monday, MAY 29TH

Ep #53 – David Drummond – A Vietnam Veteran’s Story: Living With Purpose & Possibility

Monday. JUNE 5TH

Ep #54 Adam S. Karofsky  – How To Be Inspired: A Ghost Writer Shares His View


Monday, JUNE 12TH

Ep #55 Wendi Bergin- A Mom Shares Stories of Lessons Learned, Finding Joy & Gratitude Training

Passion, Purpose, and Possibilities. The story behind the pod…

When I was a child I loved to pretend. I would imagine myself as a teacher, a pediatrician, a flight attendant. All careers where I was helping people. I didn’t know it then, but those were leadership roles as well.

Twenty plus years ago, I was injured in a work-related accident, that has left me with a severe permanent disability.

It forced me to search inside myself and find what other passions, purpose and possibilities I could pursue.

It was when I started my direct sales business, and later became one of the company’s gratitude ambassadors, I realized that I am a giver, a humanitarian, a cheer-leader, and have a deep desire to inspire others.

I had no idea it was possible to make a bigger impact, until, well- I started this podcast!

I figured out how to focus my business not only on helping others earn an income, but to foster a community of gratitude, giving back and to inspire others as well.

Join me and my expert guests here, where you will learn to live with passion, reclaim your purpose and explore the wonder of possibilities.

I am your host, Candice Snyder and this is Passion, Purpose and Possibilities podcast.

Meet Your Host

Candice Snyder

Candice is a compassionate human with a drive for creating a healthy life for anyone she consults. Vitality is the power that gives continuance of life and she believes that taking care of all aspects of well being inside and out is the key to a balanced life. She’s happy to add this pod to her brand to give her community the wonderfully inspiring stories that continuously bring positive perpspective to her listeners. Her hope is that these stories will give you a push to discover your passion, purpose, and possibilities.